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hey everyone this is Dro i'm a very busy non accomplishing person ^_^ i also explore the world of music and i came here to share my music with you, you and you. maybe not you but defiantly you

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Posted by majer - September 16th, 2010

i don't know what i should say since it has been awhile since i last posted anything

so i just typed this to waste your time

Posted by majer - May 18th, 2010

well this friday my dad ordered "the hangover" which was a damn funny movie
but this recent monday it was for free on hbo on demand >_>

also saw afro samurai resurrection last night and it was amazing but the one thing that bugged me was after afro was killed by his fathers clone jinno regained his consciousness or soul or what ever and was attempting to kill the father clone but was killed in the process so what ever electricity was spewing from his remains traveled up the blood stain to afro and brought him back, (bloodrocuted. good song title! dethklok rules) but yet again it's a anime, i guess it doesn't have to make much sense
but still a grand movie for sure

then today i was watching resident evil degeneration on demand besides from some bad voice acting and some confusion it was decent but i missed the last 30 minutes since i had DB:evolution on reminder

now this dragon ball movie was just hmmmmmm i wanted to like it since i grew up watching the series but they truly did mutilate the story plot and well the actors wern't really fitting
the kid playing goku didn't look anything like goku till the end where his hair was more fitting
the fight scenes were really good.....but like books to movie it's only natural that they are not exactly the same but this is based off a manga and instead of planning a story board they have the manga right in front of them. well they set it up for a sequel but the movie was such a flop that it might not even get made.....unless they follow the manga more closely in the second movie THEN! it might be decent
but still i ended up watching it till the end so i guess it wasn't all bad it just could have been way better and i'm guessing thats why it went straight to dvd

Posted by majer - March 24th, 2010

well i do enjoy my beer, not really one to care on taste but more so on price
well down the street from me is a 6pack and dog house where you can buy 6 packs and 12'ers
and a wide selection of single bottles of imports and us brands

well i just had a laffe for the first time today and OH MY GOD that was one of the best beers i have ever had i can drink that shit all day but on the price note i just get myself a sixer of keystone ice
4bucks and gets you a good buzz

today i bought a 24ounce can of keystone to get my daystarted but didn't drink it till now and it sat in my room for a couple of hours and got warm but i drank it anyways......never drink it warm granted that the stuffs nasty in the first place but when warm it tastes like someone flicked the ash off a cigarette a few times in it

still beats the hell out of bud lite

Posted by majer - March 24th, 2010

my dads girlfriends grandkids came and stayed for a whooping 4 days and holy fuck they are annoying
my kid whos only one behaved better then them hahahaha

Posted by majer - March 20th, 2010


which makes me feel sad for you

Posted by majer - March 9th, 2010

my track rise from the dust spent a good 30 some hours with 5/5 rating untill some downrater came by
if he didn't like it maybe a good reveiw as to why it sucked would have been nice

so Flank you you flanking downrater write a reveiw next time

Posted by majer - March 8th, 2010

my 21'st tomorrow FUCK YEAH
most of you would most likley end up going out drinking till you end up as a john doe
i would anyways/......
but thats gonna be kinda hard to do since i had a kid at the supple age of 20 ^_^
was givin full custody and such so it's a bit tough to get obliterated when you have that heavy responsibility

so what are some decently fun ways to celebrate without heavy drinking?

Posted by majer - March 7th, 2010

i dunno i was a bit iffy about uploading a new track tonight

(god who reads this haha)

i uploaded a track earlier today which i thought was decent and it got slaughtered with 3 votes LMFAO
any ways i checked on it and someone gave it a hefty vote (thanks mystery man ) went from 1.3-something to 3-something

anyways i posted a new track and have yet to check on it's status

lets see how it held up hehe

Posted by majer - March 2nd, 2010

just posting on here becasue i can ^_^

i have been browsing NG for some time and thought to myself that i would love to make a soundtrack to a flash submission game or movie

so if your a flash artist and you just so happen read this i'm open for business ^_^

also i would love to try some voice acting i did run a small home studio and have some nice gear to record with so let me see if i'm vut out for voice acting people ^_^

Posted by majer - February 25th, 2010

well i found myself falling in love and fucking the shit out of all three holes of the dubstep genre that i have lost some energy due to home/work issues which is keeping me from not being able to come up with ne beats/track i do have some loops i can post but i'm going to see what i can do with before that

for those who dig my jams (which may be few) but i love your love for my shit....not the brown smelly but you get the jist love from across the pond brothas

i'm going to take a break for a couple weeks but if i come up with anything before that i'll make sure to post it

love and peace Majer aka HI)-(dro